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Launch X-431 sensorbox

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Professional automotive sensor signal simulator module with multimeter. It is used together with supported professional Launch diagnostic scanners.

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Simulation of DC signal, pulse signal, predetermined waveform signal simulation - sine waveform, simulating signal of oxygen sensor, mass air flow, injector, throttle position and other. A unique feature is the ability to simulate of "hand-drawn" signal. Multimeter functions: voltage measurement, resistance and frequency signal.

Sensorbox features:

- Allows the user to substitute known good waveforms for isolated elements that could not otherwise have been authenticated
- Contains an integrated library of standard waveforms
- Wave forms can be altered or made from scratch using nothing more than your finger tip and the screen
- Allows you to test DC voltage, fixed frequency, predefined waveforms and hand drawn waveforms
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The main parameters of Sensorbox:

- Maximum error margin of measurement and signal simulator ±5 % (only in maximum range of measurements)
- Operating voltage 12 V
- Maximum output current 70 mA
- Specified frequency range 0 ~ 150 Hz
- Pulse frequency of rectangular waveform 0 ~ 15 KHz
- The fill factor for rectangular signals 10% ~ 90%

Technical specifications of signal simulator:

- The specified signal simulator: output voltage: -12V~+12V, Max current of output: 70mA, maximum margin: ±1%
- Rectangular signal generator: pulse frequency: 0~15kHz, voltage: -12V~+12V, duty cycle: 10%~90% with maximum margin 5%
- Predetermined sensor waveform signal generator: frequency: 0~150Hz, voltage: -12V~+12V with maximum margin 1%

Technical specifications of the multimeter integrated in Sensorbox:

- Accurate measurement: resistance with maximum margin less than 1%: 0~1 MOm, frequency: 0~15kHz, voltage measurement: 1~12V
- Measurement with maximum margin less than ±5 %: voltage DC -400V ~ + 400V, 1-40 MOm, 15-25 KHz
- Input impedance: voltage measuring 10 MOm, frequency measuring 1000 GOm
- The total resistance measurement range 0 - 40 MOm
- Total measuring range of frequency 0-25 Khz
- Input voltage of frequency measuring 1 ~ 12 V

- Sensorbox main unit
- Test cables and accessories
- Battery power cabel
- USB cable
- Power adapter
- Carrying case
- Package

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