The company was founded in the year 1999, and its main activity was the installation of alarm systems and audio systems, car electric installation and electronics repairing and work with car diagnostic equipment. In 2002, the company have received the new name Della Motors, and we opened new service center and office located in Riga, Latvia. Since year 2004, our company basing on good knowledge about vehicle electronic systems, started successfully with new business direction in diagnostic equipment and additional tool sales. During this time the company have acquired several manufacturer production distribution rights and it has been successfully developed. From 2010 we decided concentrate on high quality services of our new business direction and we opened the new office Diagtools LTD in Latvia, Riga with qualified and professional staff. At the spring of 2013 we opened or new company Diagtools S.L. in Spain. Since 2014 we are of the AUTOCOM AB ( official distributor in Spain and also of some other important equipment manufacturers.

Why us

We are specializing in the sector since 1999 and have a good experience in automotive workshop equipment. During this time in the real life practice and trainings we have collected a lot of information about vehicle electronics and their mechanical systems. Basing on this and our professional equipment sales experience during many years, our support team have excellent knowledge about workshop and diagnostic equipment to provide best possible support before sales and after sales. We always provide for our products short training before start to work, any necessary help in the working process and aftersales support in the future for any possible issues and cases. We have high quality customer service, warranty and postwarranty repair service at the place in our service center, and we trying to do everything in the shortest possible time. In difficult cases we provide free of charge temporal replacement equipment to be able continue the work without any possible delays in your work.

Why trust in us

We have the excellent experience in work with different types and groups of costumers starting from particular persons and small garages to big auto parques and global companies, schools, state services like militar police, army and government companies. During years of our work we have more than 5000 trusted costumers and we are one of leading and more experienced companies in the segment of diagnostic and service equipment sales and maintanence in our region.