Privacy Policy and Rules for processing of personal data

Company SIA Diagtools (hereinafter also referred to as the Seller) is highly respectful of your (hereinafter also referred to as the Visitor or the Buyer) privacy, therefore collects, stores, uses and discloses your Personal Data received from you when using the online store controlled by the Seller operated in an online environment and available at www.diagtools.eu (hereinafter also referred to as the Website), only to the extent described in this privacy policy (‘the Privacy Policy’) subject to the relevant requirements of the laws, including Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. Acting as the data controller, the Seller shall have a right to process Personal Data of Visitors and Buyers, including but not limited to the purposes of online commerce and direct marketing and for any other purposes, in accordance with the procedure stipulated in this Privacy Policy and/or any other document of the Rules.


1.1. The capitalised definitions and expressions used in this Privacy Policy are defined in the Terms of Use of Website, other documents of the Rules and/or other requirements and instructions available on the Website except for the cases when the following meaning is provided to the capitalised definitions in this document, including its foreword:

1.1.1. ‘Personal Data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’). An identifiable natural person is the one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

1.1.2. ‘Cookies’ means small text files sent to your browser and stored on your computer, telephone or any other device used by you to login to Website.


2.1. The Seller shall ensure the security and confidentiality of the data of Visitors and Buyers submitted by using the means of Website according to the conditions indicated in the Privacy Policy.

2.2. By disclosing your Personal Data through Website, as well as expressing your consent by using other functionalities of Website, you hereby confirm that you accept the Privacy Policy and the Rules as well as confirm that your Personal Data can be processed in accordance with the procedure established in the Privacy Policy.

2.3. The Privacy Policy shall be mandatory to any person visiting the Website and/or using the means installed therein, purchasing the Goods or using the Website or part thereof by any other means, as well as any services, tools or any other content of the Website. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy, you cannot use the Website and any other services and tools available on the Website or any other content of the Website.


3.1. Each time you visit the Website for informational purposes, i.e. do not create or do not login to your Account, we collect only information, which is transferred by your browser to our servers. Subject to our legitimate interest, this information is collected and processed only to the extent it is technically necessary in order to enable you to use our Website, in order to ensure constant system security and stability. In such cases, the following data may be collected: IP address (anonymised), login date and time, time zone differences as compared with GTM query content (specific page), login type, HTTP status code, amount of transferred data, as the case may be, website from which the query was received, information on the used browser and its version. Despite any of your actions, this procedure involves automatic collection and storage of data until the achievement of the purposes for the collection of such data (e.g. in order to ensure Website operation, data is deleted after the end of respective session, and in case of storage of data in registration files – no more than 7 days thereafter, and in cases where data is stored longer – IP address is deleted, and, as a result, there is no possibility to identify you).

3.1.1. Please note that Website can automatically collect data about you, which is stored in Cookies. More detailed information on the Cookie Policy is provided in Section 10 of this Privacy Policy.


4.1. When the Buyer creates an Account or logins to his/her Account at any time later, the Seller collects and stores Personal Data which identifies the Buyer. In such case, the following Personal Data may be collected and stored about you:

4.1.1. first and last name, date of birth or personal ID number, place of residence (address), telephone number, e-mail address, and any other information provided on your Account;

4.1.2. information related to the loyalty and progress of sales of the Buyer – information on the Buyer’s acquired membership set, date of registration, information related to the discounts applied to the Buyer, photo of the Buyer (only if you upload your photo voluntarily);

4.1.3. if the Buyer wishes to receive invoice for the purchased/acquired Goods, financial information for the purposes of issue and acceptance of invoices, which is submitted by you when purchasing Goods, as well as VAT number, if any;

4.1.4. information on your actions performed on the Website as the Buyer (including the history of purchase of Goods);

4.1.5. in cases where the Buyer is a legal person – the Personal Data of the representative of legal person may be processed (first and last name);

4.1.6. any other information related to your actions on the Website, including information on the login, page review statistics and data on standard login information;

4.1.7. information received by using Cookies as stipulated in the Cookie Policy provided in Section 10 of the Privacy Policy; 4.1.8. any information submitted on the Website, including the choice to receive the advertising of the Seller or not, as specified in Section 6 of the Privacy Policy.


5.1. The main purpose of collection and processing of your Personal Data is to ensure that operations, when performing actions on the Website and purchasing the Goods, would be smooth and without any interferences, all operations would be safe, effective and customised. You are hereby informed that the Seller has the right to use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

5.1.1. for the purposes of ensuring independent functioning of the Seller as the controller of personal data and management of material and financial resources, including the management of accounting, issue of invoices to the Buyers (personal data is process in order to perform the legal obligations applied to us). To this end, we process the first name, last name, address, telephone number of the Buyers as well as information indicated in Item 4.1.3 of this Privacy Policy;

5.1.2. in order to carry out electronic commerce, i.e. to conclude and perform agreements on purchase/sale of goods with the Buyers (creation of Buyer’s account, Buyer’s identification, sale of Goods, delivery of Goods, protection and defending of breached rights and legitimate interests, promotion of loyalty of Buyers, administration of discounts and/or commissions (if applicable) to the Buyers and any other purposes of performance of obligations arising out of purchase/sale relations). For this purpose, it may also be necessary to contact you directly by phone or e-mail. Personal Data is processed in order to perform the contract concluded with you and we may process the information indicated in Items 4.1.1 – 4.1.4 of the Privacy Policy, as well as information indicated in Item 4.1.5 of the Privacy Policy may be processed on the basis of legitimate interest;

5.1.3. to improve the Website, in order to customise it to your needs, i.e. by adapting, evaluating and improving i) performance of purchase/sale transactions related to the Goods by using the tools of the Website, ii) Website services, iii) Website content, and/or iv) advertising (Personal Data is processed on the basis of our legitimate interest or your consent). For these purposes we can process information indicated in Item 4.1.7 of this Privacy Policy;

5.1.4. by having your separate consent or pursuant to our legitimate interest (in cases where we apply to you by e-mail and do not express your objection to the processing of your data for these purposes, and we provide you with an opportunity to express your disagreement regarding the processing of data for this purpose when submitting each proposal), for the purposes of direct marketing. To this end, we can process your first name, last name, address, telephone number, e-mail;

5.1.5. in order to ensure the access to the services offered and information provided on the Website, and, where necessary, to prevent from, detect and investigate the possibly prohibited or illegitimate actions on the Website (we process Personal Data on the basis of our legitimate interest);

5.1.6. in order to administer queries received by e-mail or through other channels, and submit the questions to them (cases where the enquiries are received not from the Buyers or are not related to the performance of our contracts). To this end, any Personal Data of persons may be processed – e-mail, name, telephone No, etc.;

5.1.7. when providing other services and help on the Website, for any other purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy as well as for other purposes indicated in the specific case when the information is collected.

5.2. Submission of Personal Data indicated in Item 4.1 of this Privacy Policy, and consent to process such data is voluntary, however, necessary in order to enable you to use the Website in a due and complete manner, including also the ability of the Seller to process the placed orders for the Goods and any other contractual obligations in your respect in a due manner, to send ordered newsletters to you, etc.

5.3. The Seller protects actual data on your orders for the Goods. As the Buyers, you can obtain all information on the orders for the Goods submitted to the Seller by logging to your Account. By using the tools installed on your Account, you can review your orders for the Goods and change your contact details. You must store data of the access to your account and not to disclose it to any third parties (some recommendations regarding safe use of Website are provided in Section 11 of this Privacy Policy).

5.4. Pursuant to the Privacy Policy, the Seller shall also have a right to use your Personal Data for internal purposes, including the communication with you by e-mail, in order to inform on the updates of Goods, Website and present information related to electronic commerce transactions made by you on the Website, etc.

5.5. In order to fulfil the objectives of collection of Personal Data stipulated in this Privacy Policy, for the Purposes indicated in Item 5.1.1 of this Privacy Policy, Personal Data is processed for a period of 10 (ten) years; for the purposes indicated in Item 5.1.2 of this Privacy Policy – until the Buyer uses the Account and 10 (ten) years from the last login of the Buyer to the Account; for the purposes indicated in Item 5.1.4 of this Privacy Policy – 2 (two) years from the day of giving of consent (of persons who gave consent to process their Personal Data for direct marketing) or until the expiry of consultant contract concluded with the Buyer (except for the cases, when you express your objection to the processing of data for such purposes); for the purposes indicated in Item 5.1.6 of this Privacy Policy - no more than it is necessary for the achievement of objectives of processing of Personal Data and reply to and administration of the submitted enquiries. Please note that your Personal data may be stored for longer periods in cases when the storage of certain Personal Data is mandatory by the laws.


6.1. In cases indicated in Item 5.1.4 of this Privacy Policy, including the receipt of your separate consent, submitted by filling out a registration form or in any other way (e.g. via so-called ‘check-box’), we will send you the Seller’s commercial/advertising information – information on Website, services provided by the Seller, Goods, sales promotion campaigns, news and other information according to your provided contact address and/or e-mail, and/or telephone number. Your consent given to send such information to you is voluntary and not necessary for performance of orders for the Goods and may be withdrawn at any time. If you fail to submit a separate consent, but later decide to receive commercial/advertising information indicated in this Item from the Seller, as well as receive news or in case you decide to refuse to receive such information or wish to object to the purpose of processing of your Personal Data, you can submit us an application at any time by e-mail info@diagtools.eu or by using other settings of Website (if any).

6.2. In any case, you cannot refuse to receive administrative information from the Seller related to the purchase of Goods, services provided by the Seller or Website (including the Rules), except for the cases when the Account is deleted. Furthermore, you cannot refuse the notices sent by the Seller with legal information related to the purchase of Goods and/or the use of Website.


7.1. The Seller shall have a right to disclose your Personal Data only in case of legitimate basis (e.g. when the laws, the contract concluded with you request so or we have your separate consent). Such information is disclosed pursuant to the applicable laws and rules of the Republic of Latvia.

7.2. Please note that the Seller can submit your Personal Data to the following persons (such persons of the Seller are carefully selected and checked on a regular basis):

7.2.1. partners of the Seller– third parties which are employed as service providers for the services of Third Parties by the Seller, when performing the order for the Goods or by providing other services to you. For example, to the Seller’s partners providing services of the delivery of Goods, collection of payments, other services ordered by the Buyer;

7.2.2. other third parties when you submit a respective application to present your Personal data (or third parties which you are notified on by other methods and due provision of information is agreed by using a specific service);

7.2.3. other business entities in case the Seller merges with other legal person, if the Seller acquires another legal person or the Seller is acquired by another legal person, as well as in cases of transfer of Website or property related to the Website;

7.2.4. also to the Seller’s partners acting as the Processors, supplying Website support and/or maintenance and any other services helping the Seller to develop the activities and to perform the trade in Goods and perform any other operations on Website, which process Personal Data in order to calculate the discounts applied to the Buyers; c) as well as persons authorised by the Seller and acting on behalf of the Seller and authorised sign cooperation agreements with them on behalf of the Company, according to the instructions of the Seller;

7.2.5. in cases specified by the laws and government authorities, including State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia.

7.3. By creating an Account on the Website and by becoming the Buyer of the Seller you are informed and hereby agree that in order to perform contract concluded with the Seller in due manner and in view of specifics of activity performed by the Seller, the Seller shall have a right in necessary cases, like trade-in exchange actions and other similar, to disclose some Buyer’s Personal Data (like first name, last name, ID number, e-mail address and telephone number) to direct partners of the Buyer, if it is necessary for the cotract purposes and about it always the costumer will be informed before such actions. By respecting the protection of data of Buyers of the Seller, received Personal Data of Buyers are used by Seller partners only for the purposes of performance of contract with the Seller and not to use it by any other methods non-compatible with this purpose.

7.4. In cases indicated in Section 7.2 of this Privacy Policy, the Seller will transfer the minimum amount of your data. Without having your explicitly expressed consent (advance or separate), the Seller will not disclose your personal information to third parties and will not distribute further, except for cases, when it is necessary for the realisation of provisions established in the Privacy Policy or the Seller is legally obliged to do so.

7.5. Please note that your Personal Data may be processed by the Seller not only in the country where they were collected, but also in other countries. When creating the Account, you will be asked to express your Consent regarding such processing and disclosure of Personal Data. Please note that such processing of Personal Data is necessary in order to allow the Seller to perform the contract concluded with you, and without having such Consent the Seller in some cases will not be able perform the contract and you will not be able to become the Buyer. You have a right to withdraw you consent, however, in such case, you will lose the status of the Buyer. In cases indicated in this Item of the Privacy Policy, the Seller will put every effort to ensure the security of your Personal Data in accordance with the procedure established by the laws, having used the possible protection measures and to ensure the protection of your rights as the Data Subject.


8.1. When registering as the Buyer, i.e. opening (creating) an Account on the Website, you will be asked to submit Personal Data.

8.2. After becoming the Buyer, you can login to your Account and individually control Personal Data submitted in the registration form, change the submitted data, update or remove such data. You hereby understand and undertake to update your Personal Data immediately, in case of change or imprecision thereof. If, in your opinion, this decision is insufficient, you shall have a right to apply to the Seller by e-mail, by sending your letter to info@diagtools.eu or by mail by sending it to the address indicated in Item 12.4 of the Privacy Policy.

8.3. Your password is the key to login to your Account. When creating the password, please use unique numbers, letters and special marks and do not disclose your password of your Account to anyone else. After logging in to your Account, you can change and update your data at any time. If you forget your login password or face any other login-related problems, please contact us by e-mail: info@diagtools.eu.

8.4. If you disclose your password or any other information related to the Account to other persons, you will be responsible for all and any actions performed by using your Account, unless it is proved otherwise. Please note that in case you login to the Website from a jointly used computer, certain information about you may also be visible to other persons who use the computer with you.

8.5. If you lose your password, you will no longer be able to control the actions performed with your Personal Data and obligations may be assumed on your name for which you will be responsible. Therefore, in case of any suspicion that your password can be used by someone else, you should immediately inform the Seller hereof (contact details of the Seller are indicated in Item 12.4. of the Privacy Policy) and change your password which is used for the connection to the Account.

8.6. Please note that as the Data Subject you have all the rights stipulated by the applicable laws, including the following:

8.6.1. the right to withdraw your consent. If you have already given your consent regarding the processing of your Personal Data, it can be withdrawn at any time (withdrawal of consent will not cause effect to the legitimacy of the processing of Personal Data based on the consent that was performed before the withdrawal of consent);

8.6.2. right of access. You can familiarise with your Personal Data processed by the Seller. You can receive information on how it is being processed, how long your data is stored and who and in which scope receives data about you. However, you right to familiarisation can be restricted by the laws;

8.6.3. right to rectification. You can request the Seller to rectify the processed Personal Data related to you, in case it is incorrect, imprecise or incomplete;

8.6.4. right to object. In certain circumstances, you shall have a right to disagree with the processing of your Personal Data, including the cases when Personal Data is processed on the basis of the legitimate interest. You shall also have a right to object to the use of your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing (only when and if we process data for such purposes). If you wish to express your disagreement, you will be asked to submit reasons/explain, why we should not process your Personal Data as we did so far;

8.6.5. right to restriction of processing. If you think that Personal Data processed by the Seller is incorrect or you disagreed with the use of data, you can request that by using such data the Seller would restrict itself to the storage only. The use will be restricted only to the storage, until the identification of correctness of data or until verification whether legitimate interests of the Seller outweigh your interests;

8.6.6. the right to erasure of person data. If your Personal Data is processed unlawfully, you disagree with such processing of your Personal Data or there are any other grounds stipulated by the laws, you shall have a right to request to delete data by applying the restrictions stipulated by the laws;

8.6.7. right to data portability. You shall have a right to receive Personal Data related to you which you present to the Seller, in a systemised, commonly used and computer-readable format, and shall have a right to ask to send such data to another controller in accordance with the procedure established by the laws.

8.7. You shall also have a right to submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Authority, if you think that processing of Personal Data related to you is performed by violating the requirements of the laws. However, you always have a right to contact us first according to the methods indicated in Item 12.4 of this Privacy Policy, if you have additional questions or want to realise the aforementioned rights related to the processing of Personal Data.

8.8. When submitting the application for the rights related to the processing of Personal Data, you will be asked to certify your identity (e.g. by submitting the application by post or via courier, you shall also submit a copy of the document certifying the person’s identity approved by the notary, or a copy of this document approved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws and if the application is submitted by means of electronic communication, it has to be signed with electronic signature). The Seller will reply to all your applications related to the implementation of your rights as the Data Subject no later than within 1 (one) month from the day of receipt of application, except for the exclusions indicated in the laws.


9.1. First of all, the Seller, aims at ensuring the security of data of his Visitors and/or Buyers. In order to ensure the security of transferred information and data, the Seller implements appropriate technical and organisational measures that are in compliance with the threats of security of provision of services. The Seller uses reasonable physical, electronic and procedural measures and methods to protect the available information from loss, theft or any other unlawful use, disclosure or amendment.

9.2. Any logins related to the payment for the Good made by the Buyer will, at the choice of the Buyer, be made through safe contact with a used website of Third Party.

9.3. Please note that irrespective of the use of all the aforementioned reasonable means by the Seller, the Seller cannot and will not guarantee the security of your personal information because it is submitted or collected online. Furthermore, the means realised by the Seller may not be sufficient, if you fail to observe the rules of security. First of all, the Buyer must not disclose his/her user name and password to third parties. Please note that the Website means will ask to provide e-mail address and password only at the time of login to the Account. In order to prevent unauthorised persons from using your Account, please sing out after using your Account and/or Website.

9.4. You can also reduce the risk of unauthorised use of Personal Data, if you act carefully and choose reasonable security measures, for example, will chose a complex password, use the newest antivirus software, etc.


10.1. This Website uses Cookies. Please note that Cookies cannot start programmes on your computer or transfer viruses. The Seller uses Cookies for the following purposes:

10.1.1. for due operation of Website and improvement of your browsing experience (e.g. to support your session after login, etc.);

10.1.2. for advertising and direct marketing;

10.1.3. for collection of statistical Website data and improvement of Website;

10.1.4. this website uses ‘Google Analytics’ programme developed and supplied by ‘Google Inc.’ (‘the Google’) the use of which enables the services of analysis of websites. ‘Google Analytics’ uses Cookies allowing to analyse how often the Website is used. Information generated by cookies on how you use the Website is usually transferred to and collected in the Google server in the USA. Google will use this information in order to analyse how you use the Website, to prepare reports on the popularity of Website to its operator and perform any other services related to the Website and the use thereof. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data available to Google. By making certain settings in your browser software, you may chose not to allow Google to install Cookies, however, please note that in such case you may not be able to use all the functions of Website. This Website uses ‘Google Analytics’ with extension ‘_anonymizelp()’, therefore, IP addresses are further processed in a shorter form, as a result of which, it is not possible to associate IP address with a specific person. In cases where data collected about you contain Personal Data, it will be eliminated immediately. Please note that in cases where your data is transferred to the USA, Google undertakes to apply the principles of Privacy Shield EU-USA, which ensures that the service provider meets the requirements of the EU privacy standards. More information on ‘Google Analytics’. Alternative method to disable ‘Google Analytics’ is to install a small plug-in offered by ‘Google’ .

10.2. All Cookies used on the Website may be temporary or permanent:

10.2.1. temporary Cookies are valid and are not removed until you use your browser and are removed after you close the browser. These Cookies will save a so-call session ID by using which your browser can submit different queries during the session;

10.2.2. permanent cookies are not removed after closing the browser and they store information which facilitates your subsequent access to your Account (password, user name). Such Cookies speed up and improve the use of Website.

10.3. By using the Website you confirm your agreement with and allow the Seller to record Cookies to your terminal device (computer, telephone, etc.).

10.4. You can always refuse Cookies, if your browser allows you to do so, however, such refusal may have influence on your experience when using the Website. Cookies can be uninstalled in two ways:

10.4.1. in your browser, you can review Cookies that have already been installed to the computer and delete them one by one or all at once. The actions to be performed are different (instructions regarding Cookies in respect of the most popular browsers are available by pressing the given name of the browser Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer), therefore, specific actions to be performed should be identified in view of your used browser;

10.4.2. furthermore, you can set your browser to block the Cookies or receive notification on the installation of any Cookie. Actions to be performed are different in each browser, therefore, specific actions to be performed should be set in view of the used browser.

10.5. Blocking or restriction of cookies may affect certain functions of the Website.

10.6. The table below shows which Cookies are used in the Seller’s online shop available on the Website:

Mandatory cookies

Technical cookies are necessary to properly display the contents of the web page and mobile application. Using technical cookies, the functionality of the web page and mobile application is provided, so it is not possible to refuse them. Technical Cookies Technical cookies are necessary to properly display the contents of the web page and mobile application. Using technical cookies, the functionality of the web page and mobile application is provided, so it is not possible to refuse them.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are designed to improve the functionality of the web page and mobile application, to make the web page and mobile application convenient and effective for your use, therefore it is not possible to refuse them.

Analytic Cookies

With the help of analytic cookies, we strive to better know the visitors of our web page and mobile application in order to adapt the operation of our web page and mobile application to your needs and wishes as efficiently as possible, therefore it is not possible to refuse them.

Marketing (Commercial) Cookies

We use marketing (commercial) cookies in order to individualize the experience of your search in the browser and the content displayed to you, as well as provide offers relevant to you. Targeted cookies analyze your search history and this data is used to make commercial offers to you.

10.7. Please note that Cookies may also be used by the Seller’s partners or other third parties beyond the control of the Seller. The Seller cannot be and is not liable for the actions of such persons. In case of suspicion that the partners of the Seller or other third parties beyond the control of the Seller use Cookies without your consent, you should apply to a specific partner of the Seller or any other third party and please let know about it to Seller.


11.1. This Privacy Policy stipulates only the use and disclosure of information, which we collect from you through the Website, unless the Privacy Policy explicitly stipulates otherwise. If you disclose your Personal Data to other persons through the Website or other web pages whether to the Buyers or third parties, other rules may be applied to the use and disclosure of the respective information.

11.2. The Website may contain links to other websites. The Seller does not control the content of such websites and shall not be liable for the content thereof. These websites may have their own privacy policies that we recommend you to familiarise with.

11.3. The Seller does not control the privacy policies and/or other rules of third parties applied in your respect, therefore, you are responsible at your own discretion and risk and undertake to observe them in cases when they are applied to you. The Seller shall not be liable for privacy policies of other websites or any other content when the link to other websites is provided on the Website or such websites contain a link to Website. By pressing the link, logo or other element of the Website, or by using the services available on the Website, including the communication online, please note that by pressing any of the aforementioned elements, you can go beyond the Website.


12.1. The Privacy Policy is a constituent and integral part of the Rules.

12.2. The Seller shall reserve a right to correct the Privacy Policy or any part thereof (including the amendment, editing, supplement, withdrawal, annulment thereof) and/or any related information at his own discretion. The Privacy Policy shall be amended in accordance with the procedure established in the Rules.

12.3. The applicable rights and rules applied to the matters of dispute settlement are provide in the Terms of Use of Website.

12.4. If you wish to inform us on the breach of this Privacy Policy, need any help or have any questions, suggestions and/or claims regarding the interpretation and/or application of the Rules, including this Privacy Policy, please contact us according to the contact details of the Seller. We will respond to any of your enquiries submitted in writing no later than within 14 (fourteen) days from the day of receipt thereof, except for the exclusions indicated in these Rules.

Contact details of the Seller:

SIA Diagtools

Pernavas 43A-9, Rīga, LV-1009

Phone: +371 29416069; +371 67704152

e-mail: info@diagtools.eu