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Launch EV ELA320

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ELA320 is an intelligent digital voltage supply unit for EV vehicle maintenance.
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The high and low voltage circuits are separately fused and can be used separately. They can be managed, maintained and monitored separately.

Independent protection mechanism: For the input circuit, the high-voltage output circuit and the low-voltage output circuit. This detects faults such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuit and takes appropriate protective measures. In addition, an alarm sounds in the event of a fault.

Wireless control of synchronous operation via Bluetooth with supported X-431 diagnostic devices. When the unit is connected, the current power supply mode, high/low voltage output conditions, setting parameters and other data are synchronized in real time.


- Independent protection mechanism
- Wireless control
- Compatible with X-431 EURO TAB III
- High quality
- High performance
- Compact design
- The best intelligent digital voltage supply unit for EV vehicle maintenance on the market (approved by OEM's)


It can be used for maintenance testing of high and low voltage electrical components such as:
- Electric air conditioning compressor
- DC/DC module
- PCT heater
- Electronic fan
- Power steering pump  

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Supply voltage: AC 110~240V@16A,50/60Hz

Output parameters:
High-voltage voltage : DC 250~750V
High-voltage current: 0~5A
Low-voltage voltage: DC 12, 24V
Low-voltage current: 1A
Output voltage precision: 0.1V
Output current precision: 0.1A

Control panel :

High voltage: Voltage regulation, current regulation, output button switch
Low voltage: Button switch DC 12, 24 V voltage, output button switch

Display method:
Eight-segment white LED digital display

Safety Test:

Insulation resistance: AC input-case DC1000V,≥10MΩ(room temperature)
DC output-case DC1000V,≥10MΩ(room temperature)
AC input-DC output DC1000V,≥10MΩ(room temperature)
Withstand voltage test AC input-case AC2000V,50Hz,≤10mA,60S
DC output-case AC2000V,50Hz,≤10mA,60S
AC input-DC output AC2000V,50Hz,≤10mA,60S
Working Environment
Working temperature: -10~+65℃
Working environment humidity: 5~95% relative humidity(no condensation)
Storage temperature: -40~+70℃

Communication method: Bluetooth (BLE4.2)
Dimensions: 315X192X186mm
Weight: 4.85Kg 

- Main unit
- Test Cables
- Power cable 220V
- User's manual

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Launch EV ELA320

ELA320 is an intelligent digital voltage supply unit for EV vehicle maintenance.

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Launch EV ELA320

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