Launch X-431 Scopebox 02-1 - Diagnostic equipment

Launch X-431 Scopebox 02-1

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Professional 4-channel oscilloscope (full set) is an accessory for Launch diagnostic devices.

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Professional 4-channel oscilloscope that can define waveforms of electric circuits with future analysis. By analyzing waveforms, a variety of faults can be discovered on ignition, sensors, actuators, circuits, electronic control units and the quality of the engine work; display of primary and secondary charts in different views; DIS, ignition diagram; analysis of power (in kW), cylinder compression and other. At the moment, Launch Sensorbox 02-1 is compatible with X-431 EURO TAB II and X-431 EURO TAB III in connection via USB port.

Testing of electric signals using 5 parameters:

- Amplitude (the highest voltage signal)
- Frequency (cycle of period signal)
- Form (waveform)
- Pulse duration (cycle or time interval signal)
- Array (repetition characteristics of signal)

Features of Scopebox:

- Quick capture of the chain signal
- Choose of the waveform display speed for fast analysis
- Library of predetermined waveform signals, built-in memory
- Registration and storage of the tested signals for later analysis and troubleshooting
- Auto adjusting of all chart signals on all 4’s channels
- Separate grounding of each channel to minimize distortion of test signals
- High quality BNC connectors
- Complete set of adapters for ignition systems, sensors, connectors and other accessories

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- Channels: 4
- Bandwidth: 100MHz
- Rising time: ≤3.5ns (typical)
- Max. sample rate: 1GHz (for four channels)
- Input impedance: 1MΩ±1.5%
- Storage depth: 50M (for four channels)
- Vertical resolution: 8bit
- DC gain accuracy: ± 3%
- Horizontal scale: 5mV~10V
- Horizontal offset range: ±2.5V (in case of probe switch “x1”, <500mV/div), ±120V (in case of probe switch “x1”, ≥500mV/div)
- Invert: Support
- Coupling: DC, AC
- Timebase: 50ns~1ks
- Timebase precision: 20ppm
- Acquisition mode: Normal
- Line decoding: CAN, LIN
- Trigger type: Edge, Pulse width
- Trigger mode: Normal, Auto and Single SEQ
- Trigger Coupling: DC, Noise rejection
- Display: YT, Zoom, Roll
- Roll mode: 200ms/div~1000s/div
- Auto set: Support
- Auto measurement items: 23
- Cursor: Horizontal cursor, Vertical cursor
- Power interface: USB port, DC IN port
- Data exchange via: USB
- Compatible operating system: Android
- Automotive: Circuits, sensor, actuators, ignition
- Working temperature: 0℃~50℃
- Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃

- Scopebox O2-1 main unit (1pc.)
- HT201 attenuator (2pcs.)
- Double clamp power line (1pc.)
- Secondary ignition pickup (1pc.)
- HT30 BNC test leads (4pcs.)
- Needle set (1pc.)
- USB cable A-B type (1pc.)
- Multimeter probe black (2pcs.)
- Multimeter probe red (2pcs.)
- Crocodile chuck black (2pcs.)
- Crocodile chuck red (2pcs.)
- User's manual (1pc.)
- Carrying case (1pc.)
- Package (1pc.)

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Launch X-431 Scopebox 02-1

Professional 4-channel oscilloscope (full set) is an accessory for Launch diagnostic devices.

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Launch X-431 Scopebox 02-1

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