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Launch ELP400 - Diagnostic equipment
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Launch ELP400

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Launch ELP400 EV battery pack module charging and discharging device.

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The Launch EV ELP400 is a professional battery charging and discharging device based on the latest technology. It is optimised for the specific characteristics of lead-acid and lithium-iron batteries and offers a range of test and maintenance functions. These are suitable for a wide range of applications, including discharge, charge, and cyclic charge and discharge tests suitable for various lead-acid and lithium-iron batteries available on the market.


- The 7-inch LCD touch screen and the intuitive menu simplified the operation.
- Portable, easy to carry and transport.
- Applied to all common lithium battery packs testing with various voltage levels.
- Equalizing maintenance test can activate the lithium battery performance completely.
- Support intelligent equalizing function, and equalizing maintenance parameter customization.
- Adopt wave width modulation technology, high efficiency, high power factor, low noise, low electromagnetic interference.
- Support multiple protection design and alarm settings of voltage, current, temperature abnormal to protect the battery and the balancer.
- Support the safety protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, output short circuit, anti-reverse protection and overheating protection.
- Multiple discharge auto-stop conditions make testing mode more intelligent and flexible, and avoid over-charge and over-discharge.
- Customized setting the total charging time, constant voltage time, charging capacity, and charging current.

Technical Profile:

- Charging and Discharging Performance: max. 600 W
- Battery Interface: 16 Pin, 24 Pin
- Channels: 2 x 12
- Display: 7″ LCD
- Communication: WLAN, Bluetooth

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- Power Input: AC 90~265V
- Data Communication: CAN RS485
- Data Dump: U disk
- Data Storage: 16G
- Module Data Acquisition Communication: Harness sampling
- Group Voltage Accuracy: ≤±0.5%FS±0.3V, resolution: 0.001V
- Cell Voltage Accuracy: ≤±0.1%FS±5mV, resolution: 0.001V
- Current Measurement Accuracy: ≤±1%FS+0.2A, resolution: 0.1A
- Charging/Discharging Voltage Range: DC 2~260V
- Charging Current Range: 0~100A, maximum power 4.4kw
- Discharging Current Range: 0~100A, maximum power 7.2kw
- Charging Control: Constant current charging + constant voltage charging
- Discharging Mode: Constant current discharging
- Charging and Discharging Data Acquisition: In-camera active measurement + external can communication data acquisition
- Electric Box Charging and Discharging Protection: Battery string overcharge and over discharge, battery string temperature is too high protection
- Main Unit Protection: Over temperature, over current, current runaway trigger shutdown protection
- Shutdown Actuator: DC air circuit breaker + release
- Reverse Connection Protection: Power failure of power line and main cable
- Over-temperature Protection: 100℃ resistance box over temperature 85℃; radiator over temperature 100℃
- Alarm Prompt: LCD prompt + buzzer

Safety test:

- Breaking Down Test: AC input-metal shell: 2200Vdc 1 min AC input-metal shell / DC input-output: 2200Vdc 1 min DC input-case

Working environment:

- Radiation Method: Forced air cooling
- Temperature: Working temperature range: -5~40℃ / Storage temperature: -20~70℃
- Humidity: Relative humidity 0~90%(40±2℃)
- Elevation: Rated altitude 2000m

Size and weight:

- Dimensions/Weight: 445*329*540(mm)/25.6kg

- Main unit ELP400
- Getting Started Guide
- Accessories

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Launch ELP400

Launch ELP400 EV battery pack module charging and discharging device.

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Launch ELP400

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