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Launch CRT 511E

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Professional TPMS sensor programming device, including standard OBD-II diagnostic function.

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Launch CRT 511E is a professional TPMS tool, it allows to reads tire pressure sensor information with activation, reading, programming and learning functions by receiving signals at low or high frequencies (315MHz/433MHz). OBD-II diagnostic is carried out using 16-pin OBD cable, through which the device is also charging. The main equipment is a protected device with 3.5-inch display and soft touch keyboard. CRT 511E is designed for a professional technicians and enthusiasts to use it at tire shop, garage, testing stations or at home. Set including, main unit, OBD cable, USB cable, case, 4 rubber + 4 metal TPMS sensors and free software updates.

TPMS features:

- TPMS functions (full functions with Launch RF-Sensor)
- Cover more than 98% vehicles with tire pressure system
- Activate all 315MHz/433MHz sensors
- Read, copy and write sensor ID
- Read tire pressure data, including pressure, tire temperature, battery state
- Wireless programming, unlimited programming
- Multiple ID generation methods
- Clear comparison between active ID and programming ID
- Tire ID matching via OBD connection
- Learning steps
- Tire pressure fault diagnosis, including read DTC, clear DTC, etc 

Diagnostic features:

- All OBD-II/EOBD protocols support
- Vehicle information (VIN number and other)
- Read trouble codes with definition
- Clear trouble codes
- DTC library (with over 1000 DTC's)
- Read freeze frame data
- Read live data
- I/M readiness
- O2 sensor test
- EVAP system test
- On-board monitoring
- Multiple Languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Polish, Czech and other
- Free updates via internet using USB port
- Help function

* Available fully compatible Launch (TPMS) RF-Sensors

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- Screen: 3.5” LCD display with a resolution of 320*480 pixels
- Input voltage: 9 ~ 18V via OBD diagnostic port / 5V via USB cable
- Battery: 3100 mAh
- Operating temperature: 32°F~122°F / 0°C~50°C
- Storage temperature: -4°F~158°F / -20°C ~70°C @ RH60%
- Size: 200*115*35 mm
- Weight: <450g

- Launch CRT 511E main unit
- OBD-II diagnostic cable
- DC 5V charging cable
- Power adapter
- Memory card
- Memory card adapter
- User manual
- Rubber TPMS sensors (4pcs.)
- Metal TPMS sensors (4pcs.)
- Storage bag

* Free software updates

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Launch CRT 511E

Professional TPMS sensor programming device, including standard OBD-II diagnostic function.

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Launch CRT 511E

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