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OBDeleven PRO Next GEN

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The evolutionary diagnostic device for VAG group vehicles (AUDI, VW, SEAT, ŠKODA, LAMBORGHINI, BENTLEY) with free software updates based on Android or i'OS (beta) smartphones or tablets. Using smart Bluetooth device and easy to use application gives you full access to all car systems with such functions as read/delete trouble codes, read data stream, programming, monitoring, adaptations and many more.

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Diagnostic device with featured application is made for VAG group vehicles (AUDI, VW, SEAT, ŠKODA, LAMBORGHINI, BENTLEY) starting from the first vehicles with self diagnostic functions (since 1988-1992) and up to present day (with CAN and UDS electronic diagnostic system) and further with software updates. It allows you to work with all available electronic systems (ECU) with self diagnostic functions (it is more than 70 systems for VW/Audi). The scanner supports all diagnostic procedures almost the same as VAG group dealer scanners (read and clear DTC codes, show real time live data, actuator tests, basic settings, adaptations, coding and other functions) but it is more affordable for anybody to use it for their own purposes every day.

Main advantages:

- PRO version with many special features
- Developed in Europe, 100% original
- Official and licensed full-featured software with updates
- Improved support for old (starting from year 1991) models and latest vehicles of VAG group (including present day models and further): full coding, adaptations, special functions for the brand new models from VAG group.
- One-Click applications for users who want to easy use special functions (adaptations, coding and other) with only one click (credits required)
- Unique function of "login" searching for various special coding and adaptations
- Built-in help with many explanations for diagnostic
- Reliable quality and trusted data
- Warranty and technical support from official distributor

Description and features:

- Small and convenient device
- Application for Android and i'OS (beta) devices
- Regular software updates
- Language support: English, Russian, German and many other
- Wireless connection via Bluetooth
- Built-in manuals and tips
- History of diagnosed cars and your garage
- Automatic vehicle identification by VIN number
- More than 700 special functions with a quick One-Click applications (credits required)
- Read extended control unit information (for example part number, software number, coding etc.)
- Full system (ECU's) diagnostic with reading/deleting trouble codes with a detailed description
- Read data stream in in numerical and graph forms
- Coding of control units (coding, coding II, long coding)
- Adaptation, long adaptation
- Basic settings
- Output tests
- Sub control units information and coding
- Gateway installation list
- Security access
- Login finder
- Control unit reset (UDS)
- Diagnostic service change
- Control unit backup and programming history
- Vehicles programming history
- Other functions

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- Connection: Bluetooth
- Diagnostics Protocols: KKL, CAN and CAN-UDS
- Firmware Version: 4.2
- Protection: Password secured connection
- Size: 4.8 cm x 3.2 cm x 2.5 cm
- Weight: 30g
- Operating Voltage: 9 - 16 V
- Operating Temperature: -20 ~ 80 °C
- Current: 45 mA

- Bluetooth diagnostic adapter OBD 16-pin
- Package
- Pro licence (optionally - annual subscription)

* Application for Android and i'OS (beta) with professional functions and updates

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