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Multi-brand diagnostic scanner with full system coverage for over 50 car brands, including standard OBD-II diagnostic and 10 most common special functions, coding and adaptation. Set including, main unit based on Android OS, Bluetooth DBScar 16-pin connector, extension OBD cable, BMW-20 and MB-38 adapters, charger with USB cable, case and free software updates. 

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Launch CRP MOT III is a multi-brand diagnostic scanner with full system coverage for over 50 car brands (American, European and Asian) and 15 most common used special functions and basic adaptations. The main equipment is a protected tablet PC with 7-inch touch screen based on Android OS that have wireless Bluetooth communication with DBScar diagnostic adapter. CRP MOT III is designed for a professional technicians and enthusiasts to use it at garages, testing stations or at home. The set includes also most common used adapters BMW-20 pin and MB-38 pin for older socket types.


- Official European version (CRP MOT III) developed in Germany, 100% original
- Warranty and technical support from official distributor
- Licensed software with updates and subscription in the future
- The best among analogues of this class in terms of price-quality-functionality ratio
- A multi-touch, tablet-style capacitor screen for quick, smooth use
- Powerful and protected Android based tablet PC
- Portable size makes it easy to use and transport
- Diagnostics of all possible electronic (ECU) systems
- Vehicles coverage with over 50 worldwide makes from America, Europe and Asia
- Update diagnostic programs over Wi-Fi (One Click Update)
- Diagnostic trouble code searching and translating on the Internet
- Wireless DBScar connector

Diagnostic features:

- Cover more than 50 vehicle brands
- Full system coverage
- Automatic VIN identification
- Read trouble codes with definition and detailed information
- Delete trouble codes 
- View live data stream (in digital and graphical form)
- Oil (service / maintenance) reset
- DPF regeneration
- Battery reset (programming / replacement function)
- Brake reset (brake pads replacement function)
- Bleeding the brake system
- Injector reset / coding
- Immobilizer coding / matching
- Tyre pressure monitoring reset
- Automatic transmission adaptation reset
- Adaptive front lighting system reset
- Suspension calibration
- Electronic throttle matching / relearn
- SAS (steering angle sensor) calibration and other
- Built-in help function
- Fully Independent; convenient and compact
- One-click upgrade through Internet (Wi-Fi)
- Diagnostic reports and test results
- Diagnostic feedback
- Multi language support: English, German, Russian and others
- Other functions

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- Operation system: Android OS 7.0
- Processor: 1.5 GHz Quad-Core
- Screen: 7” IPS touch screen
- Memory (RAM): 2G
- Storage (ROM): 32GB
- Battery: 6100 mAh
- Dimension: 244mm x 136mm x 35mm
- Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth (Bluetooth 2.1 / 4.0)
- Working temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃
- Storage temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃

VCI (DBScar) connector:

- Working voltage: 9 ~ 18V
- Working temperature: -10℃ ~ 55℃
- Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
- Relative humidity: 20% ~ 90%

- CRP MOT III main unit
- VCI (DBScar) connector
- Extension OBD cable
- BMW-20pin adapter
- MB-38pin adapter
- Charger
- USB cable
- User manual
- Carrying case

* Free software updates

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