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Launch ESP-150

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Professional portative car jump starter and battery charger (powerbank).

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Launch ESP-150 is a professional portative car jump starter that will help to start the vehicle's engine when the battery is discharged. Device can be used also as a powerbank for charging, for example, diagnostic equipment, electronic equipment, smartphones, tablets or any other devices with USB interface. ESP-150 is simple, convenient and easy to use device thanks to the built-in display and bright LED light.


- Professional portative car jump starter
- Battery charger (powerbank)
- Portable, efficient and safe
- Built-in screen and LED flashlight with three modes

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- Battery capacity: 15000mAh/55.5Wh
- Input: 15V/0.8A
- Charging: 12V
- USB output: 5V/1A, 5V/2A
- Starting current: 250A
- Peak current: 500A

- Main unit
- Main unit charger
- Cigarette lighter charger
- Battery clips
- USB cable (Type-C, Mini, Micro)
- Carrying bag

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