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Launch X-931 M/L

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Launch X-931 contactless wheel aligner is a kind of equipment which can accurately measure the wheel alignment parameters without installation of any elements on vehicle tire or wheel rim. All measurements performed using a contactless lasers and cameras that cannot damaged the wheels and significantly save the process time. The equipment is the perfect choice for professional workshops with a large amount of vehicles everyday, it gives ability to work with maximum precision in the shortest possible time.

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X-931 is equipment of the newest generation that based on contactless technology of the future. At the moment this is the fastest wheel alignment measuring equipment with full capabilities conserving all benefits and features of 3D wheel alignment previous generations. Important advantage of this equipment is that completely exclude any mistakes by operator due to the fact that almost the entire process of measuring, except parking the car on a lift, is performed automatically and doesn't require to install any additional measurement elements on vehicle tire or wheel rim.

Highlights and features:

- Simple and fast measuring process, that exclude any mistakes by operator
- The measuring process is consists in wheel rim surface scanning by unique laser projection technology
- Work safety: this equipment is completely exclude any damage to the wheel rim, due to the fact that there is no need to install any additional measurement elements on vehicle tire or wheel rim
- Much faster measurement process than with regular 3D wheel aligner, that has a significant effect on overall working process
- Great speed-up for workshops with a large amount of vehicles everyday, because it doesn't need to install any additional measurement elements on a vehicle tire or wheel rim or to do a compensation procedure before quick measurement
- Built-in help and voice prompts during entire measuring process
- Specially customized hydraulic 4-post lift (TLT-440 W or TLT-455 W) with built-in wheel aligner parts and elements that makes the measurement even more comfortable, faster and safe
- Competitive price compared to other manufacturers
- Unique costumers experience in your workshop

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Measurement Parameters and technical data:

- Input Voltage: 100 ~ 220 V AC (10 A)
- Input Frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz
- Power:0.5 kW
- Total Toe-in: ± 20°
- Individual Toe-in: ± 10°
- Camber: ± 10°
- Caster: ± 20°
- Kingpin inclination: ± 20°
- Thrust Angle: ± 5°

Technical Specifications (Lifts: TLT-440 W / TLT-455 W):

- Capacity: 4,000 kg (440 W) / 5,500 kg (455 W)
- Height: 2,172 mm (440 W / 455 W)
- Width: 3,420 mm (440 W) / 3,445 mm (455 W)
- Lifting height: 1,880 mm (440 W) / 1,900 mm (455 W)
- Lowest lifting height: 170 mm (440 W) / 245 mm (455 W)
- Length of runways: 4,555 mm (440 W) / 5,600 mm (455 W)
- Lifting time: 50 s (440 W) / 70 s (455 W)
- Motor power: 2.2 kW
- Voltage: 380 V - 50 Hz
- Amount of oil: 12 l
- Weight: 1,550 kg

- Front wheel measurement units (2 sets)
- Rear wheel measurement units (2 sets)
- Adapters of measurement units with slide grooves for lift (4 sets)
- Data exchange board (1 set)
- Computer & printer (1 set)
- Calibration cameras for measurement modules (4 sets)
- PC trolley/cabinet (1 set)
- Lift TLT-440W or TLT-455W special version for X-931 with built-in aligner elements (1 set)

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Launch X-931 M/L

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