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Launch videoscope

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Video endoscope Launch for viewing, photographing or recording hard to reach areas.

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High definition video endoscope camera for viewing, photographing or recording videos of hard to reach areas on Launch X-431 scanners, Android smartphones/tablets or PC based on Windows. With its fluid resistant 5.5 mm camera, LED backlight and side view angle mirrors to reach hard access areas such as internal engine cavities, mechanisms, parts, tubes, etc.


- Light weight, ergonomic design
- View, save pictures and record videos on Launch X-431 scanners, Android devices or Windows based PC
- Take pictures easily with the one-click snapshot button
- Easy to adjust the LED light level

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- Resolution: 1280 x 720
- Image type: video / image stills
- Frame rate: 30 fps
- Image sensor: 1/12" CMOS
- Lens diameter: 5.5 mm
- Lens focal length: less than 50 mm
- White balance: automatic
- Exposure: automatic
- Light source: 4 adjustable LEDs
- Main unit length: 20 cm
- USB cable length: 200 cm
- Probe cable length: 83 cm
- Probe tube diameter: 5 mm
- Minimum bending radius: 50 mm
- Viewable angle: 60°

- Videoscope
- USB to micro USB converter
- USB to USB type-C converter
- Magnet
- Hook
- Mirror adapter
- User's manual
- Package

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Launch videoscope