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Launch TWC-521

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Launch TWC-521 is a high quality tire changer with good price-performance ratio. Launch Europe GmbH (Germany).

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TWC-521 is a professional high quality tire changer with good price-performance ratio. It have the very strong structure, flexible operating mechanism, high-quality electrical and pneumatic parts which achieve the high reliability. With optional Multi-joint help arm, it makes the tire changing process very simple and safe even for Run-Flat and low profile tires. Special assistant arm can effectively make the assembly of the tire more convenient and greatly save the working time.


- Metal pedal system is more stable and stronger
- Single way bead breaking cylinder save 30 % air and electric energy
- Turntable cylinder 360 kg maximum clamping power
- The air guider inside adopt 3 level rubber ring, with better designed sealing system
- Inside gear system using the rare oil to protect the whole system and to avoid infuse the oil frequently
- Bead breaking system (6 mm plastic protector) with new structure better for big size tire

Features (assistant arm):

- Strong structure
- Multi-joint
- Multiple fixing tool
- Flexible position movement
- Pneumatic control

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- Input voltage options: 380 V
- Working pressure: 0.8–1 MPa
- Inner clamping range: 12–24"
- Outer clamping range: 10–22"
- Wheel width: 4–13"
- Working table size: 9–24"
- Max. wheel diameter: 1050 mm
- Bead breaker force: 2500 kg
- Mounting speeds: 6–13 U/min
- Compressed air connection: 8–10 Bar
- Noise level: 70 dB (A)

- Tire changer Launch TWC-521
- Assistant arm (optional)
- Set of accessories
- User's manual
- Package (with pallet)

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