Launch X-431 TsGun - Diagnostic equipment

Launch X-431 TsGun

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Professional TPMS sensor programming tool for Launch X-431 diagnostic equipment.

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Launch X-431 TSGUN is a professional TPMS tool, it allows to reads tire pressure sensor information with activation, reading, programming and learning functions by receiving signals at low or high frequencies (315MHz/433MHz). X-431 TSGUN is used in conjunction with LAUNCH diagnostic equipment, it's compatible with Launch X-431 EURO TURBO, EURO PRO4, EURO PRO5 and EURO TAB II. X-431 TSGUN is convenient and very easy to use, it's a great solution for car and tire workshops. Launch offers fully compatible Launch RF-Sensors for X-431 TSGUN.


- Compatible with Launch X-431 EURO diagnostic devices
- TPMS functions (full functions with Launch RF-Sensor)
- Cover more than 98% vehicles with tire pressure system
- Activate all 315MHz/433MHz sensors
- Read, copy and write sensor ID
- Read tire pressure data, including pressure, tire temperature, battery state
- Wireless programming, unlimited programming
- Multiple ID generation methods
- Clear comparison between active ID and programming ID
- Tire ID matching via OBD connection
- Learning steps
- Tire pressure fault diagnosis, including read DTC, clear DTC, etc.

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- Display: 1,77", 168x128 pixels
- Battery: 3000 mAh
- DC input voltage: 5 V
- Working Current: ≤1 A
- Working Temperature: -10°C - +5°C
- Size: 252 x 54 x 30 mm

- Main unit X-431 TSGUN
- Charger
- USB cable
- User manual
- Carrying case

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Launch X-431 TsGun